God are human creature be sembahsembah not it is contrariwise man constitutes The God creature, if it which is understood therefore correct and right if Real one there is it Man is not God. Man that is lord over life at this nature and is not no something empiric, one that eluted and utopias. God only one bounds of projection man himself. In consequence quite equitable is questioned where urgency position a religion divides mankind. If real religion just reality man about itself, therefore religion is sign of estranged of itself.
why? since at deep religion no actualization form self sooth. Religion forces man shall droop and pursuant being espoused by closed its dialogue door that give chance for every individual expresses her completely. Thus, religion tries to come to pieces man from him existence. It will polarize man with God, eventually among The God with human stays two mutually pole contrary. That man can secede from him estranged and gets its own reality therefore man shall refuse religion, because religion is estranged institution. In short if human wills to want find ability itself, it must belies mark sense God, since on its human reality is social creature that just can live and gets happiness if side by side with its humanity don't with The God